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Why There's Never Been a Better Time for Inbound PR

How to Run an Effective Project Kick-off Meeting [Project Management Fundamentals]

My Top 5 Working from Home Tips

Customer Experience and the Cisco Racetrack

The 10-Step Roadmap to Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

How to Earn Stakeholder Commitment in a Multicultural Setting

Why Traditional PR No Longer Works in an Inbound World

Projects, Programmes & Portfolios [Project Management Fundamentals]

Top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

How I Used to Work with Influencers

The Best of 2019 on Iliyana's Blog

Why You Should Set Your Personal Goals Now to Start 2020 Right

How I Started My Career in PR and Where it Got Me

The Difference Between Projects and Operations

The Key Cultural and Country Preferences for Effective Leadership

The 4 Ingredients of a Successful Inbound PR Campaign

What Customer Success Really Is - 27 Quotes from Crowning the Customer

80+ Influencer Marketing Statistics [Infographic]

Why Every Brand Should Have an Original Series

How to Give a Great Presentation

How to Use the DARCI Framework in Project Management

19 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Customer Experience Anymore [Infographic]

Inbound PR Strategies: 4 Client Stories of Demand Gen

Performing Stakeholder Analysis with the Salience Model for Project Management

5 Questions with Iliyana Stareva - Digital Leaders

What You Need to Know About Inbound PR in 40 Minutes [Video]

5 Years at HubSpot - Here's What I Learned About Growth and Career

The State of Content Marketing Services in Agencies

How Inbound PR Came About

Fundamentals of Project Management in Three Infographics

9 Tips To Improve Your Blog’s SEO Structure

How Blogging Got Me to Publish a Book and How You Can Do It Too

Performing Content and SEO Audit to Boost Your Website

The 7 Project Management Methodologies [Infographic]

Three Challenges with Inbound PR

How I Stay Inpired

17 Learnings from the 2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker

6 Key Steps to Reclaiming Social Media With Inbound PR

Are Global Businesses Putting Their Customers First? Not Really

5 Key Takeaways for Getting Start-ups Off the Ground

How and Why Inbound PR Helped You Transform Your PR Agency With Maria Gergova-Bengtsson

Pull Audiences With Human Stories

Getting Started with AI for Marketing and PR Agencies

Lights, Camera, Action: How Video Can Boost Your Inbound PR Strategy

Journalists Need PR Pros to Adopt Inbound PR

B2B and B2C Content Marketing Statistics 2019 [Infographic]

Top 5 Takeaways from the #StateofPR 2019

Reflecting on One Year as an Inbound PR Consultancy - ITPR's Story

7 Tech Trends in Journalism and Media to Watch Out for in 2019

Why The Challenger Sale Approach is the Best Approach to Consulting Too

Inbound Media Relations: The New Method for Securing Coverage

9 Digital Communication Trends to Watch Out For

How Agencies Win New Business [Report]

Show Me Your Online Newsroom and I'll Tell You Who You Are

PR, Publishing Books and Building a Personal Brand

The State of Digital Transformation

Top 21 Inbound PR Posts on Other Blogs [Updated]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Influencers

"My Employer" As The Most Trusted Institution in 2019

If You Are Not Doing Video Marketing, You Need to Start Now. Here's How.

Entering the Era of Massive Disruption [Infographic]

New Year, New Inbound PR Methodology

2018 Overview and a Happy New Year

The Best of Iliyana's Blog for 2018

39+ Social Media Statistics & Trends You Need to Know in 2019

How Discovering & Following Your Passion Can Help You Have a Global Career [Video]

7 Learnings about the State of PR Agencies

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition [Infographic]

Why Use Inbound PR?

Is PR Adopting Data and Analytics?

6 Key Tactics to Use When You Need to Persuade Someone

The State of Corporate Communications in 19 Stats

Inbound 3.0 and the New Inbound Methodology Explained

Imagining It Forward: Innovation, Change and Leadership in Business

Understanding Conversational Marketing: Live Chat, Messenger & Bots

Using the Customer Code to Grow Better

Whether Inbound PR, Marketing or Sales, Nothing Works Without Clear Goals

Content is a Business Asset. Here Are 64 Stats To Prove It

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Flywheel!

The 6 Key Steps to Developing a Social Media Strategy

Reflections On My Birthday: The Three Ingredients of Success

Making Inbound PR Happen [Video]

Why Even Investors Appreciate an Inbound Approach

10 Behaviours That Make Up a Great Manager [Infographic]

Executive Presentations: How to Get a 'Yes' from Your Executive

Why Inbound PR Could Finally Prove the ROI of PR

Everything You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Rafal Salak

How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

10 Inbound PR Quotes

How I Wrote a Book in 2 Months

15 Facts About the State of Inbound That You Can't Miss

Your Inbound PR Methodology & Tool Stack

The 6 Different Leadership Styles Based on Culture [Infographic]

Why Inbound PR is the Best Approach to Comply with the GDPR

The Hard Truth About Customers (And Any Individual Really)

Inbound PR Book: How it All Started From Passion for PR at University

8-Step Framework to Problem-Solving from McKinsey

Inbound PR Drops Today!

PR Pros, You Need Business Acumen, Says the State of the Profession

How to Build and Foster Relationships with Journalists 

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 2018 (and Beyond)

Making Strategy Happen: Creating an Internal Communication Strategy

Making Strategy Happen: Principles for Strategic Internal Communication

17 Must-Know Facts About Social Media & Digital Within PR Services & Education

The State of the Marketing Agency: 14 Key Takeaways

Getting Started with Inbound PR in 8 Steps [Infographic]

Why Managing Your Energy is Key to Your Productivity & How to Achieve it

31 Must-Know Video Marketing Facts [Infographic]

The Outlook for Public Relations in 2018

9 Things You Need to Know About Trust in 2018

Managing Cross-Cultural Communication in a Multinational Company

An Ultimate Guide To Great Content – From Idea To Execution [Infographic]

The Future of PR is Inbound. Welcome to the 2018 PR Reality!

What Was Hot on Iliyana's Blog in 2017

9 Big Social Media Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

5 Big Marketing Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Maria Gergova-Bengtsson

Cultural Differences from West to East and Why They Matter in Business

Delivering Value Through Inbound PR Starts with Asking Questions

My Time Management Secrets that'll Boost Your Productivity

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Alex May

Forget Government, NGOs and the Media: In Business We Trust. Or Do We?

Two of the Best TEDTalks I've Seen Lately: Happiness & Leadership

Storytelling 101: How to Tell Break Through Stories [Infographic]

Where PR Should Go Next - Is It Really Just About Technology?

How to Produce Growth and Grow Better According to Dharmesh Shah

How to Get From Startup to Scaleup: Brian Halligan's 3 Muscle Groups

Outbound vs. Inbound PR: Why We Need a Mindset Change

How B2B Buyers Buy: It's Not How You Think! [New Research]

Your Go-To Project Management Framework

If You Pitch, Then Pitch The Right Way: What the Media Wants

Everything You Need to Know About SEO as a Beginner [Infographic]

How to Find Micro-Influencers (And Why You Need Them)

Bots, Visualisation and 4 More Key Themes in Communication for 2017 & Beyond

Leadership Journey in Sketches

Press Freedom: Does It Exist?

How to Tell a Great Story: The Science and The Method

How Your Blog Posts Can Earn Better Inbound Links

The PR Agency of the Future: Here's What It Looks Like

Internet Trends 2017: The Future is all About Tech

Where Are Businesses Going With Social Media Marketing?

5 Key Ingredients of a Blog Post That You Rarely Think About

How Not to Pitch Influencers

The 7 Essential Questions for Better Business Communication

17 Facts About Inbound That You Need to Know Now

What Happens When Agencies Start to Scale? Part 3

5 Effective Business Storytelling Techniques You Need to Try Now

Your Business is Doomed Without a Lot of Content

Everything You Need to Know About Inbound PR

What Happens When Agencies Start to Scale? Part 2

PR Has Work to Do Before It Deserves a Seat the Board Table

Where Does Lead Validation Fit With Your Lead Generation?

What Happens When Agencies Start to Scale? Part 1

Why Inbound PR is the Future of PR? [Video]

Made to be Seen: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Marketing With Visual Content

The 3 Pillars of Customer Delight for Agencies (And Not Only)

Buyer Persona, Buyer's Journey and Content Plan Template

Why PR Needs Inbound PR to Stay Relevant

Content Marketing Isn't The Future, It's The Present

The Agency-Client Relationship is Broken

The 2017 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Can't Miss

Content: The Glue Between Inbound and PR

Rethinking Our 2017 Values: The Road Ahead

5 Key Learnings from 5 Years of Blogging

5 Learnings and 5 Takeaways from My Top 2016 Blog Posts

10 More Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Mastering Emotional Intelligence with 17 Simple Exercises

How Customer Experiences Can Make or Break Your Brand

Why You Need to Get on the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon Now

3 Big Key Learnings from #INBOUND16

Why Inbound PR is the Future of PR? My #INBOUND16 Talk

Doing Content Creation for Inbound. There's Only One Way.

Are PR Agencies Proving Their True Worth to Clients?

The Perfect Landing Page Backed By Loads of Data

6 Scary Marketing Stats You Can't Miss This Halloween

Introducing the Inbound PR Methodology

How to Be a Better Agency: Top Tips From HubSpot's Agency Consultants Team

33 Facts About Marketing and Sales That You Need to Know Now

How to Achieve Extraordinary Results in 44 Quotes

Is PR Becoming a Management Discipline?

What Really Makes a Good Story?

How to Increase Your Inbound Marketing Conversions

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Angharad Welsh

Agency Storytelling 101: The 6 Types of Stories Agencies Should be Telling [Infographic]

The One Tool That Helps You Plan, Execute, Measure & Report PR Campaigns

The Worst Shopping & Customer Service Experience EVER: Littlewoods Ireland

Mixing & Serving Mouth-Watering Content: The New Rules of Content Marketing

The ABCs of Inbound PR

Leadership is Failing: The Persistent Lack of Trust and Action

Content is King in Need of a Throne: The 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes You Are Making

When is PR Really Going to Be Disrupted?

Agencies, The End of the RFP Has Come. Are You Still Using Them?

How to Turn Outbound PR into Inbound PR

15 Types of Agency Clients and How to Handle Them [Infographic]

69 Actionable Tips to Optimise the Entire Inbound Marketing Methodology

The Six Leadership Styles And How To Master Them [Infographic]

Influencer Marketing: All You Need to Know in a Monster Infographic

Why I'm Shutting My PR Student Mentoring Down

Inbound PR 101: There Are No Good Leads Without Good Content

12 Quotes + Another 89 Highlights That Can Change the Course of Your Life & Career

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Sarah Hall

The 4 Key Emotional Intelligence Capabilities [Infographic]

Choosing And Making Your Career - How I Went About It

3 Big Reasons Why PR Agencies Need to Adopt Inbound PR Now

Where Social, Digital And Mobile Are Headed To In 2016

17 Articles and Blog Posts You Need to Read This Week

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Scott Guthrie

The Easiest, But Most Effective Guide to Keywords Research & Strategy

How to Pick the Right Social Media Management Tool: 8 Questions to Ask

31 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know Now

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Farzana Baduel

4 Ways to Boost Word of Mouth Using Experience Architecture

My 2015 Lessons and Four Years of Blogging at

The #1 New Year's Resolution for Startups: Inbound PR

5 Key Things for Brands to Focus on in 2016

10 Essential Tools for Students Writing a PR Dissertation

Why PR Should Care about Sales and How to Be Good at it

How Inbound PR Fits with PESO

My Weekly 23 – What I Read and How I Learn

How to Use Social Judgment Theory in PR to Increase Your Pitch Success Rate

20 Remarkable Leadership Quotes from On Becoming a Leader

17 Reasons Why Inbound PR Makes Perfect Sense

Women in Business: Progress, Promises and Practical Advice [Infographic]

Social Media’s Impact on PR

Leadership vs. Management: Where do You Cut the Line?

10 Reading Recommendations to Power up Your Week 

The State of Social Business: Progress and Upcoming Challenges

Inbound Marketing for PR Agencies: Why You Need It 

How to Reply to a Dissatisfied Customer on Social Media

Ultimate List of Resources for Your PR Dissertation 

To Solve Sustainability Issues We Need Focus & Collectivity 

Trust Me, PR is Dead But Conscious Business is Not

Why Companies Need to Step Up and Lead the Sustainability Agenda

Don't Believe in Inbound PR? This Post Will Change Your Mind

The Future of Leadership and 17 Quotes to Inspire You

Communications Professionals are failing to use Modern Tools and Technology

9 Reasons to Start Creating Infographics Now

The Keys to a Successful Social Business Strategy

Getting Your First PR Job: Top Tips from the Experts

How to be an Effective Leader [Infographic]

12 Best Business Practices for PR Agency Success

The 7 Best Storytelling Infographics You Need to Check Out Now

The ABCs of Social Media for Sustainability

10 Tips How to Start an Online Business

The Most Compelling Reasons Why You Finally Need to Get on Social

10 Killer Resources for Content Creation, Storytelling and Blogging

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Chryssa Skodra

8 Ways to Become a Rockstar Guest Blogger

WIIFM: The New Language for Sustainability Communications

Webrooming vs. Showrooming: What Brands Need to Know

How to Manage Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day

PR Students: 3 Things to Do to Become the PR Pro of the Future

Ultimate Guide of Resources for Your Social Media Strategy

10 Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Storytelling, Content Creation & the Rise of Social News Consumption

The Power of Social Media and the Five Questions that Define your Brand

Moving to a New Society and a New Consciousness Inspired by and in Harmony with Nature

The Best 2015 PR Graduate Schemes in the UK

Digital Disruption and the Time to Lead

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Jessica Hodkinson

Blogging at – a Third Year in Review

9 Things to Do to Excel as a PR Student

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Pippa Hanson

What You Need to Know about the PR business in 2015

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Richard Bailey

PR Dissertation: How to get Started

10 Key Milestones of the Evolution of Storytelling

My Journey into Inbound Marketing and What You Need to Know

The Benefits of Writing a Dissertation about PR

What Does Anthropology Have to Do with PR?

How Exchanging Value Builds Dynamic Customer Relationships

What's Happening with Social Media, Journalism and PR?

Hold Tight or Let Go? Brand Control Uncovered

The Story Behind Successful Luxury Brands

How to Win and Influence People [Infographic]

Time for Disruption: Why We Need a New Sustainability Narrative

The Future of PR is People and Relationships

The Eight Principles of Inspiring Storytelling

10 Books that Changed my Life

The Next Big Thing – from Storytelling to Storylistening to Storybuilding

40 Truths You Need to Know about Social Media’s Impact on PR and the World

How Social Are We Really?

Pinterest: A Paid Search Engine, not a Social Network?

Why not only Corporate, but also Individual Choices are Key for a Sustainable Future

Masters of Storytelling: The Brands that Excel at it

Generation Z: The Natural Sustainability Generation

How to Choose the Right Social Networks

Social Media for PR – the Insights in one Place

Why Online, Social and Mobile are Still Major Challenges for Strategic Communications

31 Attention-Getters and Learnings from Spin Sucks

The Rise of Social Media for CSR and Sustainability

How Visual Content Can Boost Your Traditional PR Efforts

Social Media for Sustainability Communications - an Interview with Julie Urlaub

Welcome to The New Era of Leadership – The Feminine One

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet: Image & Text Specs [June 2014]

Attention PR Pros! The YouTubers are Taking Over the Beauty Industry

Why CEOs Should Stop Saying 'No' to Social Media

How to Become a Break Through Storyteller [Infographic]

Storytelling Must-Haves: The Art of Innovation and Staying Creative

Storytelling Content: The Perfect Length of Everything

How to Craft Perfect Social Media Posts

The Power of Storytelling and What You Need to Know to Harness it

Millennials - The Sustainability Generation

Thrive: a Paradigm Shift to Success [Updated with an Infographic]

Women in the Workplace: The Progress Made

Sustainability: Key Driver for Business Growth?

The Future of PR is Socially Responsible

Visual Content is King

CSR and Sustainability Reporting: 4 Key Takeaways from #3BLchat

#StateofPR: Gender Inequality, Diversity and Qualifications Gap

Social Media for Sustainability: Going Mainstream?

Gender Diversity: How Corporate Culture Undermines Female Career Progress

Why Do I Want to Work in PR [2014 Edition]

The Art of Persuasion: 6 Principles to Guide PR Work

8 Key Challenges that Will Shape the Future of Economies and Businesses

Leading in by Doing Good: How Businesses Can Build Trust with Sustainability

How to Create Optimum Social Media Visuals – Sizing Cheat Sheet 2014

The PR Pro of the Future – 9 Traits Required to Evolve in 2014

Where Social, Digital and Mobile are headed to in 2014

The Secrets to Writing Killer Blog Posts

Blogging at – a Second Year in Review

New Book: Social Media and the Rebirth of PR

How to Use a Brand Character to Stay Afloat in the Social Media Landscape

How a Sincere and Powerful Message Can Start a Movement

New Book: Social Media – Key for Sustainability Communications

The New Social Media Best Practice Guide

22 Exceptional Quotes about the Future of Business by Brian Solis

How People Make Buying Decisions in the Social Economy

Beautiful Fashion That Doesn’t Cost the Earth – Closer Than You Might Think

The 80 Rules of Social Media

The 10 Companies That Own Us

Would You Change Your Name for a Brand New Life in a Brand New City?

H&M Urges You to Make a Difference – Will You? [UPDATED]

What Brands Need to Know About the Value of Sharing

Journalists and PR Pros – a Complicated Relationship

50 Shades of Print Advertising

The Public Does Not Trust Brand Messages, Do You?

Live Photoshopping Stunt Gets a Smile on Your Face

44 Social Media and Sustainability Facts and Figures Businesses Cannot Ignore

The New Facebook Rules - Choosing How to Best Run Your Contest

How NOT to do Customer Service on Social Media - o2 Germany

Instagram Ruling: The Rise of the Visual Web

Being a Share This Too Pioneer

The Power of Social Media as a Communications Channel for Creating Business Sustainability Value: a Support Tool or Menace?

Redefining Social Drinking: The First Ever Social Wine

Leaning In: Learnings from Sheryl Sandberg

How Pinterest Can Bring the Online Experience Offline

What Happens Online in 60 Seconds

TRUE – the Brand Success Formula of the 21st Century

Women on the Rise – or Are We?

The Social Media Landscape 4.0

The PR Industry is in Need of Some PR

Social Sharing is an Actual Revenue Driver

20 Remarkable Quotes from Brian Solis

Foursquare Addicts, Get Your Personalised Check-Ins Infographic!

The Leadership Crisis: CEOs Failing to Embrace New Media

Traditional vs. Social Media: The Trust Shift [Infographic]

Personal Well-Being is the New Black!

The First Ever Ice-Melting Vending Machine Gets Your Day Refreshed

The State of Social Media Marketing in 2013

Ignore the Power of Facebook – at Your Own Peril!

Blogger Relations: New Tool Helps You Find the Right Bloggers

Creative PR Using the “Old” Tools: a Chocolate Press Release

The Link Between PR and Social Media

Still Think Social Media is a Fad? Think Again!

How Negative Coverage Can Provoke Fundamental Shifts in Organisational Strategies

Supporting Earth Day - What You Can Do

Fantastic PR Stunt Marks the Reopening of Amsterdam’s National Museum

What my PR Internship Taught me: 10 Pieces of Advice for Future Interns (and not only)

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry – an Interview with Alison Theaker

Women at the Top – the Tough Path to a C-Level Career

Time for Training: Digital Communications is the Top Skills Gap Amongst PR Professionals

Being LinkedIn Savvy in 2013 [Infographic]

PR Then and Now: Did Technology Destroy the Practice?

3 Benefits of Pinterest’s New Web Analytics

What Choice Do You Make?

A Simple Tool to Use to Make Your Writing More Readable

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry – an Interview with Rob Brown

Becoming a Truly Sustainable Fashion Brand: Learning from H&M

The State of the PR Profession and the Massive Gender Gap

How Digital Online Communications Can Be Used Within PR

The Lessons Learned from HMV’s Twitter Disaster

James Bond Style Xperia Stunt

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry – an Interview with Annie Bowden

The Fascinating Rise of Infographics

How Journalists Around the World Use Social Media

Push to Add Even More Drama

Why Trust and Transparency are Key Values of the Future

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry – an Interview with Shelley Fletcher-Bryant

How to Make Use of LinkedIn Answers to Build Your Reputation [UPDATED]

Why do I want to work in PR [2013 edition]

The Most Successful PR Campaign of 2012

Happy 2013!

Making Profits Is The Only Reason Why Businesses Exist, Or Is It?

Blogging at - a Year in Review

Ogivly Impressions – 25 Favourite Quotes From The Confessions

Engaging On Twitter – 5 Tips To Get Your Brand Noticed

A Christmas Mystery

What is happening to your Facebook business page?

What is Public Relations?

How Can Social Media Help Your Business

The 36 Facebook Personalities - Which One Are You?

The Social Media Revolution - It Will Shock You!

Small Businesses - How Much Money And Time Do They Spend On Social Media?

PR Campaign Gives Free Shoes Away In Exchange For A Photo

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry – an Interview with Heather Yaxley

Social Journalism And Why It Matters for PR

Why Not To Ignore Video In Your PR And Marketing Efforts

PR Pros and Coffee

How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest

The Impact of Social Media on the PR Industry [Infographic]

The First Eco-Friendly Print Ad

JustFamily - A New Social Network Just for Family

The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation [Infographic]

Favourite Quotes from "On Writing Well" [Part 2]

Changing People's Behaviour for Better

Favourite Quotes from "On Writing Well" [Part 1]

The Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

How Companies Are Using Social Media in 2012

Results of the European Communication Monitor 2012

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide [13 Infographics]

The Most Popular Song

Summer Reading List

Your Twitter You with Twylah

9 Tips for Improving your Promotional Writing

No Phone, no Laptop, no Facebook for a Week – Can You Survive?

A World Without Google? [Infographic]

Shocking Facts: Mobile Has Redefined How We Consume Media

Dissertation Done & Submitted!

Drama, Action, Drama in a Brilliant Campaign

The Evolution of Technology from 3500 BC till now [Infographic]

The History of Social Media

What my Summer Internship Taught me - Dos and Don'ts

The History of PR

Social Media Basics for the Small Business

My Journey into Pinterest

How to engage: take an example from Heineken’s QR code campaign

Brands and their Global Social Media Challenges

Why do I want to work in PR?

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