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Unlocking the Power of AI to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

The Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

The State of Women in Tech: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions

Navigating the Brand Loyalty Crisis: Insights from EMEA Consumer Research

Winners Dream: Have Goals & Do The Hard Work

Where Could Your Business Be Going Wrong and How to Fix It?

Inbound PR: Understanding the New PR Pros’ Role & the Best Guide to Create Content that Drives Business Growth

A Day in The Life of a Chief of Staff in Tech

My 3 Non-Negotiables for Peak Performance in Work and Life

Navigating Success: The Power of Social Intelligence in Life & Business

5 Common Themes of Concern for Businesses Today

Inbound PR: A Modern Approach to Public Relations (by ChatGPT)

How to Set SMARTER Goals

My 4 Learnings from European Women in Tech

Customer Experience + Employee Experience = Total Experience

Making the Most of Non-Linear Career Paths

The Importance of Knowing Your Work Style

What Was Hot on Iliyana's Blog in 2022

Reflecting on 2022 - Can Women Really Have it All?

Where Most Organisations Fail - Part 1

Why No One is Teaching You How to Manage Your Money

My Top 5 Learnings from Creating and Running a PMO

The Four Management Zones in the Age of Disruption

Going Sustainable When it Comes to Fashion - Fast vs Slow Fashion

The 6 Pillars of Project Management Leadership

Going Slow in 2022

Disrupt or Be Disrupted [Video]

9 Stats About the Unprecedented Pace of IT Change Today

Top 3 Tips How To Get a Job in Tech [For Non-Tech People]

Agile vs. Waterfall Project Management [Project Management Fundamentals]

Top 7 Tips for Stepping Into a New Role

8 Ways to Measure Customer Success ROI

The Top Posts on Iliyana's Blog for 2020

10 Things I'm Grateful For This Christmas

How to Manage Scope Creep [Project Management Fundamentals]

9 Tips for Customer Success Managers

Digitisation - The New Normal Post COVID-19

The 5 Project Management Process Groups [Project Management Fundamentals]

The What, How and Why of Inbound PR [Podcast]

How I Started Living a Greener Life - 39 Zero-Waste/Low-Waste Ideas

5 Customer Success Best Practices [Infographic]

The Top Soft Skills of a Project Manager [Project Management Fundamentals]

The 5 Key Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

How to Achieve More in Less Time - My 3 Key Tips

Measurement and Evaluation in PR: The Barcelona Principles 3.0

3 Things Customer Success Managers Need to Be Effective

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure [Project Management Fundamentals]

Inbound PR: The Future of PR & the Most Important Book on the Industry in Years - Required Reading

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies [Gifographic]

The L.A.E.R. Model in Customer Success

How to Create a Project Charter [Project Management Fundamentals]

5 Proven Strategies to Generate Leads in SaaS

How to Quickly Excel at Any Job: My 4 Secrets

Why There's Never Been a Better Time for Inbound PR

How to Run an Effective Project Kick-off Meeting [Project Management Fundamentals]

My Top 5 Working from Home Tips

Customer Experience and the Cisco Racetrack

The 10-Step Roadmap to Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

How to Earn Stakeholder Commitment in a Multicultural Setting

Why Traditional PR No Longer Works in an Inbound World

Projects, Programmes & Portfolios [Project Management Fundamentals]

Top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

How I Used to Work with Influencers

The Best of 2019 on Iliyana's Blog

Why You Should Set Your Personal Goals Now to Start 2020 Right

How I Started My Career in PR and Where it Got Me

The Difference Between Projects and Operations

The Key Cultural and Country Preferences for Effective Leadership

The 4 Ingredients of a Successful Inbound PR Campaign

What Customer Success Really Is - 27 Quotes from Crowning the Customer

80+ Influencer Marketing Statistics [Infographic]

Why Every Brand Should Have an Original Series

How to Give a Great Presentation

How to Use the DARCI Framework in Project Management

19 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Customer Experience Anymore [Infographic]

Inbound PR Strategies: 4 Client Stories of Demand Gen

Performing Stakeholder Analysis with the Salience Model for Project Management

5 Questions with Iliyana Stareva - Digital Leaders

What You Need to Know About Inbound PR in 40 Minutes [Video]

5 Years at HubSpot - Here's What I Learned About Growth and Career

The State of Content Marketing Services in Agencies

How Inbound PR Came About

Fundamentals of Project Management in Three Infographics

9 Tips To Improve Your Blog’s SEO Structure

How Blogging Got Me to Publish a Book and How You Can Do It Too

Performing Content and SEO Audit to Boost Your Website

The 7 Project Management Methodologies [Infographic]

Three Challenges with Inbound PR

How I Stay Inpired

17 Learnings from the 2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker

6 Key Steps to Reclaiming Social Media With Inbound PR

Are Global Businesses Putting Their Customers First? Not Really

5 Key Takeaways for Getting Start-ups Off the Ground

How and Why Inbound PR Helped You Transform Your PR Agency With Maria Gergova-Bengtsson

Pull Audiences With Human Stories

Getting Started with AI for Marketing and PR Agencies

Lights, Camera, Action: How Video Can Boost Your Inbound PR Strategy

Journalists Need PR Pros to Adopt Inbound PR

B2B and B2C Content Marketing Statistics 2019 [Infographic]

Top 5 Takeaways from the #StateofPR 2019

Reflecting on One Year as an Inbound PR Consultancy - ITPR's Story

7 Tech Trends in Journalism and Media to Watch Out for in 2019

Why The Challenger Sale Approach is the Best Approach to Consulting Too

Inbound Media Relations: The New Method for Securing Coverage

9 Digital Communication Trends to Watch Out For

How Agencies Win New Business [Report]

Show Me Your Online Newsroom and I'll Tell You Who You Are

PR, Publishing Books and Building a Personal Brand

The State of Digital Transformation

Top 21 Inbound PR Posts on Other Blogs [Updated]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Influencers

"My Employer" As The Most Trusted Institution in 2019

If You Are Not Doing Video Marketing, You Need to Start Now. Here's How.

Entering the Era of Massive Disruption [Infographic]

New Year, New Inbound PR Methodology

2018 Overview and a Happy New Year

The Best of Iliyana's Blog for 2018

39+ Social Media Statistics & Trends You Need to Know in 2019

How Discovering & Following Your Passion Can Help You Have a Global Career [Video]

7 Learnings about the State of PR Agencies

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition [Infographic]

Why Use Inbound PR?

Is PR Adopting Data and Analytics?

6 Key Tactics to Use When You Need to Persuade Someone

The State of Corporate Communications in 19 Stats

Inbound 3.0 and the New Inbound Methodology Explained

Imagining It Forward: Innovation, Change and Leadership in Business

Understanding Conversational Marketing: Live Chat, Messenger & Bots

Using the Customer Code to Grow Better

Whether Inbound PR, Marketing or Sales, Nothing Works Without Clear Goals

Content is a Business Asset. Here Are 64 Stats To Prove It

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Flywheel!

The 6 Key Steps to Developing a Social Media Strategy

Reflections On My Birthday: The Three Ingredients of Success

Making Inbound PR Happen [Video]

Why Even Investors Appreciate an Inbound Approach

10 Behaviours That Make Up a Great Manager [Infographic]

Executive Presentations: How to Get a 'Yes' from Your Executive

Why Inbound PR Could Finally Prove the ROI of PR

Everything You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Rafal Salak

How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

10 Inbound PR Quotes

How I Wrote a Book in 2 Months

15 Facts About the State of Inbound That You Can't Miss

Your Inbound PR Methodology & Tool Stack

The 6 Different Leadership Styles Based on Culture [Infographic]

Why Inbound PR is the Best Approach to Comply with the GDPR

The Hard Truth About Customers (And Any Individual Really)

Inbound PR Book: How it All Started From Passion for PR at University

8-Step Framework to Problem-Solving from McKinsey

Inbound PR Drops Today!

PR Pros, You Need Business Acumen, Says the State of the Profession

How to Build and Foster Relationships with Journalists 

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 2018 (and Beyond)

Making Strategy Happen: Creating an Internal Communication Strategy

Making Strategy Happen: Principles for Strategic Internal Communication

17 Must-Know Facts About Social Media & Digital Within PR Services & Education

The State of the Marketing Agency: 14 Key Takeaways

Getting Started with Inbound PR in 8 Steps [Infographic]

Why Managing Your Energy is Key to Your Productivity & How to Achieve it

31 Must-Know Video Marketing Facts [Infographic]

The Outlook for Public Relations in 2018

9 Things You Need to Know About Trust in 2018

Managing Cross-Cultural Communication in a Multinational Company

An Ultimate Guide To Great Content – From Idea To Execution [Infographic]

The Future of PR is Inbound. Welcome to the 2018 PR Reality!

What Was Hot on Iliyana's Blog in 2017

9 Big Social Media Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

5 Big Marketing Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Maria Gergova-Bengtsson

Cultural Differences from West to East and Why They Matter in Business

Delivering Value Through Inbound PR Starts with Asking Questions

My Time Management Secrets that'll Boost Your Productivity

Why Work in PR: Advice from the Pros – Interview with Alex May

Forget Government, NGOs and the Media: In Business We Trust. Or Do We?

Two of the Best TEDTalks I've Seen Lately: Happiness & Leadership

Storytelling 101: How to Tell Break Through Stories [Infographic]

Where PR Should Go Next - Is It Really Just About Technology?

How to Produce Growth and Grow Better According to Dharmesh Shah

How to Get From Startup to Scaleup: Brian Halligan's 3 Muscle Groups

Outbound vs. Inbound PR: Why We Need a Mindset Change

How B2B Buyers Buy: It's Not How You Think! [New Research]

Your Go-To Project Management Framework

If You Pitch, Then Pitch The Right Way: What the Media Wants

Everything You Need to Know About SEO as a Beginner [Infographic]

How to Find Micro-Influencers (And Why You Need Them)

Bots, Visualisation and 4 More Key Themes in Communication for 2017 & Beyond

Leadership Journey in Sketches

Press Freedom: Does It Exist?

How to Tell a Great Story: The Science and The Method

How Your Blog Posts Can Earn Better Inbound Links

The PR Agency of the Future: Here's What It Looks Like

Internet Trends 2017: The Future is all About Tech

Where Are Businesses Going With Social Media Marketing?

5 Key Ingredients of a Blog Post That You Rarely Think About

How Not to Pitch Influencers

The 7 Essential Questions for Better Business Communication

17 Facts About Inbound That You Need to Know Now

What Happens When Agencies Start to Scale? Part 3

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