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Inbound PR refers to a new way of thinking about modern Public Relations. Inbound PR combines the best of two worlds - PR's core strength in content and writing and inbound marketing's ability to plan with numbers in mind and measure throughout the way.

With the Inbound PR concept, PR people continue to focus on what they are great at (content) but also manage to alleviate the industry's biggest challenge - measurement and proving bottom line results. 

In its essence, Inbound PR is a mindset change. It's a new way of doing and a new way of of perceiving what PR is all about - by PR people, by execs, by CEOs, by the media. 

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The Inbound PR book was announced a winner among the top PR books to read for 2018 by Book Authority.
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Book Information

Title: Inbound PR: The PR Agency's Manual to Transforming Your Business With Inbound
Author: Iliyana Stareva
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey
Publication date: 24 April 2018
Retail Price (Hardcover): $25.00
Pages: 192
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1119462215
ISBN-13: 978-1119462217
Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.9 x 8.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds
Preferred Retailers: Barnes & Noble and Amazon
Cover Images: Book Press Kit

Book Summary

The digital era’s new consumer demands a new approach to PR.

Inbound PR is the handbook that can transform your agency’s business. Today’s customer is fundamentally different, and traditional PR strategies are falling by the wayside. Nobody wants to feel “marketed to;” we want to make our own choices based on our own research and experiences online. When problems arise, we demand answers on social media, directly engaging the company in front of a global audience. We are the most empowered, sophisticated customer base in the history of PR, and PR professionals must draw upon an enormous breadth of skills and techniques to serve their clients’ interests. Unfortunately, those efforts are becoming increasingly ephemeral and difficult to track using traditional metrics. This book merges content and measurement to give today’s PR agencies a new way to build brands, evaluate performance and track ROI.

The ability to reach the new consumer, build the relationship, and quantify the ROI of PR services allows you to develop an inbound business and the internal capabilities to meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding client. In this digital age of constant contact and worldwide platforms, it’s the only way to sustainably grow your business and expand your reach while bolstering your effectiveness on any platform. This book shows you what you need to know, and gives you a clear framework for putting numbers to reputation.

  • Build brand awareness without “marketing to” the audience. 
  • Generate more, higher-quality customer or media leads.
  • Close the deal and nurture the customer or media relationship.
  • Track the ROI of each stage in the process.

Content is the name of the game now, and PR agencies must be able to prove their worth or risk being swept under with obsolete methods. Inbound PR provides critical guidance for PR growth in the digital era, complete with a practical framework for stimulating that growth.


Excerpt from the Introduction

As a PR agency owner or CEO, which one will you choose: being stuck in the state where you’ve always been, or will you embrace change?

PR professionals are the best content creators. They are natural storytellers—this is how it has been since the first press release. Writing and communication skills have been at the forefront of PR practitioners’ skillsets, not so much for marketing, advertising or digital agency professionals.

On the other hand, PR people are very bad at measurement. Showing the tangible results of their efforts in a way that makes sense to the bottom line has been the single biggest challenge for PR since its very beginning.

Especially in the digital era, you can’t be using outputs or metrics such as advertising value equivalents (AVEs) or impressions; you must be able to measure outcomes and show the real impact on the business that is often defined by an increase in sales.

Inbound makes measurement possible, however, it doesn’t work without content.


Inbound PR can help you build brand awareness, generate leads (customer or media), nurture them, close them as customers or publishers, and then delight them to retain them with even better services, stories, and strong relationships. Most importantly, you’ll be able to track the ROI of all those activities.


PR is ripe for transformation. Are you ready to embark on the Inbound PR journey?


Book Endorsements

“In her Inbound PR book, Iliyana nails the fundamental shifts happening in the PR industry and sets the standard for the PR agency of the future.”
—BRIAN HALLIGAN, CEO and founder, HubSpot

“Iliyana Stareva shares her modern #InboundPR model for attracting and engaging prospects as part of a sales or marketing campaign. It can be applied equally to consumer or business-to-
business campaigns, and organizations large and small. I first met Iliyana in Dublin in October 2015. I sought her out after reading her blog about this innovative approach to public relations. I’m delighted that she has developed it into a book. Make sure that you add it to your reading list.”
—STEPHEN WADDINGTON, partner and chief engagement officer, Ketchum; visiting professor, Newcastle University

“The PR industry is ripe for disruption. It wasn’t all that long ago that the web forced us to reinvent ourselves. It’s time again. International PR organizations have called for the death of metrics that don’t make business sense, such as media impressions and advertising equivalencies. Smart business leaders have called for metrics, as they relate to real organizational growth. We’ve been able to add tactics, such as owned and shared media that allow us to prove we are an investment, not an expense, and that we do drive revenue. Yet, because we hate numbers, we have a difficult time drawing the correlation between our work and sales numbers. What Iliyana Stareva preaches with Inbound PR will get us there. Not only is it something we define, highlight, and amplify, it allows for the all-encompassing return-on-investment. As you traverse this book, keep a notebook at your side and outline your plan. By the time you finish, you’ll have an Inbound PR program that is effective, efficient, and measurable.”
—GINI DIETRICH, CEO of Arment Dietrich; founder and author of Spin Sucks

“As a PR Agency, you need to choose between playing it safe with the status quo, or doubling down on your own business and seeing it grow. The Inbound PR book will give you real-world practical advice to allow you to ensure your digital campaigns deliver ROI and promote the success of your agency by covering positioning, closing, and measuring ROI.”
—KATE WALSH, VP of Global Partner Services, HubSpot

“Iliyana Stareva’s thought leadership and understanding are phenomenal. Inbound PR can shape the way consumers interact with what they see, hear and read, empowering the individual to make well-informed opinions whilst creating interesting substance. Iliyana is at the forefront of the industry and appreciates its depths and power. It’s amazing how the optimization of digital functions such as SEO and content-rich online material can build an epicenter of media excitement. With all the international work we do at Curzon, we have found Inbound PR to be the most effective and strategic method of communications. This book, is yet again, another articulate display of Iliyana’s expertise and insights and leads the way in educating us all on the power of digital marketing and communications.”
—FARZANA BADUEL, founder and CEO of Curzon PR

Author Bio

Longer Version

Iliyana Stareva lives and breathes inbound marketing and PR for agencies. Iliyana spent three years in the PR industry throughout Germany and the United Kingdom, establishing the presence of some of the largest fast-moving consumer goods brands in the world in those markets. She was then recruited by HubSpot—the leading marketing and sales software as a service pioneer—to become one of its first agency business consultants in Dublin, Ireland, where she helped dozens of marketing, content, PR, and web agencies double or triple their revenues. It was during that time that Iliyana developed the Inbound PR concept.

Earning rapid promotions at HubSpot, Iliyana is now Global Partner Program Manager where she plans and executes major cross-functional change across the globe and drives company-wide partner-first initiatives. 

In addition to Inbound PR: The PR Agency's Manual to Transforming Your Business with Inbound (2018), Iliyana is also the author of Social Media and the Rebirth of PR: The Emergence of Social Media as a Change Driver for PR (2013) and Social Media—Key for Sustainability Communications (2013).

Iliyana spends her free time dancing salsa or writing about Inbound PR, inbound marketing, and agency business on her blog at

Shorter Version

Iliyana Stareva is Global Partner Program Manager at HubSpot, where she plans and executes cross-functional change across global teams and drives a partner-first approach for company-wide initiatives. With a background in PR and agency business consulting as well as a fluent speaker and writer in Bulgarian, English, and German, she is the author of Inbound PR, Social Media and the Rebirth of PR and Social Media: Key for Sustainability Communications.

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