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Self-Discovery in Leadership: The Importance of Locating Yourself

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Jul-2024 07:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Personal Development, Leadership

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In the world of leadership, where the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others is paramount, the skill of leading with consciousness and intentionality becomes a defining attribute that distinguishes exceptional leaders from the rest. I face this every day with my own team and the challenges we face. 

As the demands on leaders grow increasingly complex due to the fast-paced business environment. we live in, the need for a deeper understanding of oneself becomes crucial, enabling leaders to navigate their roles with clarity, empathy, and resilience.

We recently spoke about the difference between emotional intelligence (EI) and social intelligence (SI) - both crucial for the success of anyone, not just leaders. Today I want to show you a great video I came across about self-discovery as an integral tool for leadership and your EI and SI. 

Before we go into the video, let me cover a few important points.

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Key Learnings and Actionable Tips from "Millionaire Success Habits"

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Jul-2024 11:33:46 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Personal Development, Books, Career

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Is there anyone who doesn't want to be a millionaire? I doubt it. We all want financial security but achieving financial freedom is far more desired by many because it provides the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind, allowing individuals to live life on their own terms without being constrained by financial limitations.

I stumbled across the book "Millionaire Success Habits" by Dean Graziosi and wanted to share today some of the key learnings and tips from it. The book is considered a transformative guide designed to help individuals break free from mediocrity and achieve extraordinary success. Graziosi shares his personal journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur and offers practical advice and habits that anyone can adopt to elevate their life and career. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing - the power of your mind. 

Let's look at the key learnings and actionable tips from the book.

5 Key Learnings from Millionaire Success Habits

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Unlocking the Power of AI to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] 19-Jun-2024 07:15:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Content Marketing, Artificial Intelligence

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The marketing world has been significantly transformed by the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI's ability to streamline processes, enhance personalisation, and boost content quality, savvy marketers are leveraging its power to stay ahead of the curve. 

I use AI every day for various content marketing activities and I save at least double the time if not more thanks to Gen AI these days and especially ChatGPT that I am a huge fan of not just for content creation but also for research, ideas generation and advice. 

I recently came across a research by HubSpot called the "AI Trends for Marketers" and wanted to share its key learnings. The paper provides a comprehensive overview of how AI is reshaping marketing strategies and operations as well gives practical tips to help marketers leverage AI effectively.

Key AI Trends for Marketers

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The Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

[fa icon="calendar'] 06-Jun-2024 07:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Personal Development, Career, Leadership, Growth

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In today's fast-paced and interconnected business environment, technical skills alone are no longer sufficient for achieving success. The ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and effectively manage emotions has become more crucial than ever and I feel it every day in my work. This is where emotional and social intelligence come into play.

Understanding and leveraging these forms of intelligence can significantly enhance your ability to lead, collaborate, and drive business success.

Emotional intelligence (EI) and social intelligence (SI) are related concepts that both involve understanding and managing emotions but they focus on different aspects of interpersonal skills.

We delved into the power of social intelligence a few months back but today I want to go into the differences between emotional and social intelligence, and more importantly, provide actionable tips on how to leverage each in a business context.

By cultivating these skills, you can improve your interactions with colleagues and clients, foster a positive work environment, and ultimately, boost your career success. These skills can also help you in your personal life.

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The State of Women in Tech: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-May-2024 12:59:24 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Brands and Business, Career, Women in Tech

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In recent years, the tech industry has made significant strides towards gender diversity, but the journey is far from complete. Despite increasing awareness and initiatives to bridge the gender gap, women in tech continue to face numerous challenges.

As a big supporter of women in tech, having had most of my career in the space, I wanted to dig into the latest statistics, trends, and thought-provoking insights about women in technology, highlighting both progress and persistent obstacles. 

Here we go. 

Current Statistics and Trends

The representation of women in tech remains disappointingly low, though some progress is evident according to a recent article in TechTarget. Women constitute around 28% of the tech workforce, a slight increase from previous years, but still a stark underrepresentation compared to men. More encouragingly, women's participation in tech roles has been growing annually, with a 3% increase in 2023 alone​.

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