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No Phone, no Laptop, no Facebook for a Week – Can You Survive?

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-May-2012 18:45:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in General

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Today many of us are addicted to constantly being available and reachable, mobile or online.

I admit I can’t live without my laptop, phone and the Internet, I feel naked without them, I absolutely get frustrated and angry and start wondering what’s going on on the net without me and what I’m missing – an important mail or a fun message.

Does that sound familiar? Come on, admit it, I bet it does! How long do you think you could survive without your so beloved laptop or phone?  I'll tell you how long I made it – one and a half days. That’s all.  

Last week I went for a brief holiday back to Germany to visit my friends and to relax a little bit, because the past few months were extremely stressful and I certainly needed a break. Of course, I also missed my girls a lot, who I haven’t seen for almost a year! As much as I enjoyed my stay, I had a sort of a rough beginning.

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