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2018 Overview and a Happy New Year

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Jan-2019 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Public Relations, Inbound Marketing, Leadership, Internal Communication

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Happy New Year my readers!

I hope 2019 is going to be successful, happy, fruitful, filled with emotions and achievements and the most enriching experiences for all of you! 

As I said last week, I tend to reflect a lot when the year ends. Last week we reviewed the top posts on this blog based on views, this week I want to show you the 12 posts that defined 2018 for me. 

They explore Inbound PR and the book I published about it this year, internal communication, marketing, leadership and social media. 

Below is the selection of my favourite posts per month out of the 51 pieces that I wrote in 2018. 

On to a fabulous 2019 and more PR, inbound PR, marketing and business posts!

The 12 Blog Posts of 2018 that Defined Iliyana's Blog

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The State of Corporate Communications in 19 Stats

[fa icon="calendar'] 30-Oct-2018 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Public Relations, Internal Communication

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76% of communications professionals agree that ‘digital communications is the future of communications.'

How many of them actually live by this now is not a lot as you'll see below. 

I recently came across a research report on communicating in an integrated world and want to show you some of the most interesting findings from my point of view. 

Before I get into some of the stats, I want to make a quick comment. Digital and social media as well as proving their ROI continue to remain this widely challenging area for communications professionals which is beyond me. It's been over a decade since this movement started and you'd think that 10+ years should be enough to change mindsets and work procedures. 

Change management is not easy, I know. But not adapting quickly puts your company at too big of a risk. Sticking with the status quo might allow you to continue growing at the same rate but I'd urge you to think about your cost of inaction and see how that growth rate would be affected if you didn't change quickly enough. 

Let's look into the data now. 

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Executive Presentations: How to Get a 'Yes' from Your Executive

[fa icon="calendar'] 31-Jul-2018 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Leadership, Program Management, Internal Communication

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Have you ever struggled to get a 'yes' to your proposal from your boss (or anyone else for that matter)?

I have. It's hard to persuade someone else to do what you want or to agree to the approach you are proposing so that you can execute.  

The more you move up in a company and the bigger the company becomes (i.e. a corporation), the more important it becomes to build a business case and present it in front of the right person in the right way in order to get out what you want for your next steps. It's the same if you work in an agency and need your client's buy-in.

I spend a lot of my time at my job doing exactly that. I wouldn't say I've mastered this but I've certainly learned a few things. 

And as always, I learn by reading, listening to videos and of course, by doing. 

Today, I want to share with you the key learnings from a video and a slideshare that I came across on executive presentations that get you an executive 'yes'. In addition, I'll share some of my own experience too.

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Making Strategy Happen: Creating an Internal Communication Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] 27-Mar-2018 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Internal Communication

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Last week, we covered the key principles for strategic internal communication

I promised that I will be discussing how to create an internal communication strategy this week so here so let's do this! 

An internal communication strategy sets out support and enables the delivery of the organisation's overall strategy. It converts the organisation's strategic intent into communications that support it and maximises the impact of an organisation's communications efforts.

In essence, the internal communication strategy

  • aligns with the organisational strategy
  • develops a set of communications plans and principles
  • identifies key performance indicators and feedback mechanisms

Your international communication strategy must be unique to your organisation, its current situation, its unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

Which is why it's always important to start with an analysis of your surroundings before you begin crafting your international communication strategy. 

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Making Strategy Happen: Principles for Strategic Internal Communication

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Mar-2018 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva posted in Internal Communication

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Poor or ineffective communication is one of the key barriers to change in organisations

At one stage or another, every company experiences this. 

In my role as Global Partner Program Manager at HubSpot, I've recently taken on a new challenge - to run the internal communication for our Partner Program. 

I come from a PR background so communications is nothing new, however, during that time I dealt with external stakeholders not internal. 

So to step up my game for my new work focus, I've been reading quite a few books on the topic of internal communication (IC) and I also spent a full day in training on Strategic Communications: Making Strategy Happen with the Institute of Internal Communication in London last week. 

As always, I want to share my learnings from the course with you - today, we'll cover key principles and the link between strategy and communications; next week, we'll talk about how to create a strategic international communication strategy. 

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