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My name is Iliyana. I am the author of Inbound PR - a book that many say is ahead of its time due to its innovative and metrics-driven approach to PR.

With a degree in International Business, over three years of experience in digital and PR agencies and five years in SaaS, I’ve developed an expertise in digital communication and inbound methods for PR and marketing, enabled by technology.

Over the past eight years, I’ve helped a number of large and small agencies as well as startups and large enterprises transform their businesses with inbound and double or triple their revenues. 

As the Global Partner Program Manager at HubSpot now, I focus on cross-functional project and change management as well as internal communication. 

In addition to providing consulting and training, I do a lot of public speaking. Captivating and motivating an audience is the most thrilling experience and I’ve spoken at dozens of events around the world.

My ‘why’ behind my work and life is progress. I believe in progress - everyone is capable to be better as long as they have dreams and goals and put the effort to achieve them.

I have three guiding principles to everything that I do:

  1. Always be learning.
  2. Always do your research.
  3. Always follow through.

I also have a thing for languages - I'm native Bulgarian but fluent in English and German and intermediate Spanish. 

Outside of my professional life, I love travelling - I’ve so far visited 32 countries in the world. My hobbies are training and salsa dancing - the two activities that truly free my mind to be able to recharge my batteries.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learning more about my books, my public speaking engagements and consulting services.

You can find me everywhere online and please do feel free to connect

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