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17 Learnings from the 2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker

[fa icon="calendar"] 03-Jul-2019 10:00:00 / by Iliyana Stareva

internet trends 2019Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends report is out. 

333 pages full of insights around internet users and usage, e-commerce, advertising, work, education, freemium business models and more.

It's pretty detailed and there's so much to learn.

I've gone through the whole report and wanted to share some of the things that stood out to me. 

Before I go into the facts and learnings, I want to share this quote which I believe is very relevant to today's business and consumer reality, and specifically, businesses need to pay serious attention to this because few are living and breathing this: 

The rapid rise of gathered / analyzed digital data is often core to the holistic success of the fastest growing & most successful companies of our time around the world. Context-rich data can help businesses provide consumers with increasingly personalized products & services that can often be obtained at lower prices & delivered more efficiently. This, in turn, can drive higher customer satisfaction. Better data-driven tools can improve the ability for consumers to communicate directly & indirectly with businesses & regulators.

Now onto the learnings.

Here are some of the key learnings for me from the report and the data:

17 Learnings from the 2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker:

  • At 3.8B, the number of Internet users comprises more than half the world’s population - 51% with 53% of the global internet users based in the Asia Pacific.
  • China and India are the top countries of internet users. 
  • Internet users are almost constantly online - usage overload all in which has led to negative health impacts such as depression, FOMO, sleep quality, anxiety for some.
  • 63% of adults have taken action to reduce smartphone use in 2018 up from 47% in 2017.
  • Smartphone shipments and e-commerce growth are declining slowly.
  • New growth is harder to find. 
  • From 8% time spent on mobile, people now spend 33% of their time on mobile.
  • Effective + Efficient Marketing = One’s Own Product + Happy Customers + Recommendations
  • Reality = CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Can’t Exceed LTV (Lifetime Value) for Very Long
  • Free trial is the top reason (at 42%) for trying a new service (specific example online streaming or music)
  • Someone's recommendation is the top reason for trying a new subscription box at 23%.
  • Image creation and sharing continue to rise - we've moved from image editing/sharing in 2011 to data-driven discovery in 2015 to image + video stories in 2016 and now to image commerce.
  • People are increasingly telling stories via images and videos they've created.
  • Interactive gaming is also becoming is an increasingly relevant way to communicate because it's real-time play + talk/chat and watch, i.e. social all the way and it also recreates reality + helps learn how to problem-solve.
  • Freemium businesses are growing: free user experience enables more usage, engagement, social sharing and network effects; premium user experience drives monetisation and product innovation. (Think Google, Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, Canva, Spotify.)
  • But beware some key issues that seem to be on the rise - the internet brings privacy concerns, it can encourage the rise and spread of certain ideologies, it can spread fake news and misinformation. However, most people believe that regardless of the negatives, the internet has had more positive advantages for individuals personally and for society as a whole.
  • Human's ability is not as quick to adapt to technological advancements. Are the robots coming?

    humans ability vs tech


    There's so much in the report and I've barely scratched the surface but I hope that what I picked has sparked your interest to go dig deeper.  


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Iliyana Stareva

Written by Iliyana Stareva

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