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How Discovering & Following Your Passion Can Help You Have a Global Career [Video]

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When people ask me how old I am and then find out that I'm 28, they are often shocked. 

They're surprised that I've managed to achieve so many things in my career in such a short timespan and are curious to understand my journey and what I've done differently.

I don't consider myself extraordinary or different. There are so many people out there that I admire who have done way more tremendous things that I have. 

However, I do feel that I've learned a lot over the years by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trying new things to discover my passions and my strengths. 

I'm a Plymouth University alumni and I have kept in contact with the great team there. 

They recently reached out to me to ask if I could participate in their International Students Week and present in front of students about my career journey. 

I've always said that one of my purposes in life is to help so of course, I agreed and I want to share with you today the recording of my talk and the slides which you can view below.

Before you dig in, the most important tip I gave students was that they need to uncover their passion and how that passion solves a problem in the market. Only by finding this fit, you'll be able to pave your way as a recognised expert ahead. And you can't discover this unless you try different things out without fear of failing because failure is learning.  

I hope you enjoy the video. (Disclaimer: I don't claim to know everything nor that this is the only way to grow a career, these are my own learnings from my experience.)

How Discovering & Following Your Passion Can Help You Have a Global Career [Video]




How Discovering & Following Your Passion Can Help You Have a Global Career [Slides]


What's the best career advice you've ever received? 


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Iliyana Stareva

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