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22 Exceptional Quotes about the Future of Business by Brian Solis

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My #WTF Quote by Brian Solisprevious blog post about the psychology of social commerce was inspired and pretty much directed by one of the chapters from Brian Solis’ latest book: “What’s the Future of Business?: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences” (#WTF). I mentioned there that I was going to share with you my impressions from the entire book and this is what this post is about. (To see how his other work and books have inspired me, check out this blog post here too.)

Brian Solis has a way with words. His thoughts are so brilliant and well put that I find it extremely difficult to rephrase them (bear in mind, I am not native in English), so I’m never happy with the outcome. Which is why I chose to share with you my favourite quotes from his book. I hope you enjoy them! And please do tell me which ones are your favourite. Feel free to suggest more in addition to the list I’ve compiled! :)

Here we go:

"The future of business comes down to relevance and the ability to understand how technology affects decision making and behavior to the point where the recognition of new opportunities and the ability to strategically adapt to them becomes a competitive advantage."

"Now’s the time for an investment in something more than price, performance, or value. The future of business is about creating experiences, products, programs, and processes that evoke splendor and rekindle meaningful and sincere interaction and growth. At the center of this evolution—or (r)evolution—is the experience. And, the experience is everything now."

"To better understand the importance of experience requires that you first acknowledge that you are the very consumer you’re trying to reach. You’re not looking for just any experience, you’re looking for the experience."

"We live in a time where brands are people and people are brands."

"Humility is a gift and it’s needed in business now more than ever."

"If necessity is the mother of invention, then vision is the father of innovation. #InnovateorDie"

"To innovate first requires innovation within."

"Just because a business is embracing new technology doesn’t mean that it is creating meaningful, productive, or measurable experiences."

"Disruptive technology is a catalyst for change, not the reason."

"Technology is becoming an extension of humanity."

"The bottom line is, it’s time to think about the experience we want people to have and share and then use new digital channels to steer each step along the journey to win in each moment of truth."

"You have a responsibility not only to your business, but your employees, vendors, and also your customers equally. To see them through one lens is, well, too clouded. But to see people for who they are and what defines them, that’s where the future of business and relevance begins."

"It is only by walking in the digital footsteps of your customers that you can uncover a new landscape of opportunities for engagement, as well as a new reality for your business. Embracing your connected customers will help them embrace you in return."

"Discovery unlocks information. And information is empowering."

"Experiences are now the new “relationship.”

"If there is one thing you take away from this experience, it’s that the experiences people share influence the steps other people take and the decisions they ultimately make."

"Customer relationships are to be shaped, not simply reacted to or managed."

"Your work must focus on expressions, not impressions."

"Businesses that place people and what they feel, think, do, and share as a priority in not just product design but overall marketing and business strategy outperform those who don’t. It’s about a journey that knows no end—only how to keep the passengers delighted and valued."

"In the circle of life, connected consumerism is the new reality. Those businesses that don’t disrupt their own markets will find their markets disrupted for them."

"Change is now constant. Take this moment to revel in your journey."

"Entrepreneurialism is contagious."


Have you read #WTF?

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Iliyana Stareva

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