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Made to be Seen: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Marketing With Visual Content

[fa icon="calendar"] 21-Mar-2017 10:00:00 / by Alexander Kulbov

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This is a guest post by Alex Kulbov from Escreo

Before we think with our heads, we need to see with our eyes. And what lies before them usually sets the course for the way we perceive and evaluate it.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to create something beautiful in order for it to be effective. You just have to make it memorable. To provoke a reaction. Whether it’s an ad, a step-by-step guide or a new web design, the visual elements of your marketing need to catch the eye and build a positive, credible persona for your clients to appreciate.

Design is crucial for every business. If you’ve neglected it so far, it’s about time you utilize its admirable effect.

Design trends have a lifespan of approximately two years, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Most of them are dictated by media and technology, but user-based feedback and demands will yet inculcate themselves into the market.

Here’s how to upgrade your marketing visual content in 2017 in order for your business strategies to cut the mustard.

#1 Start Shooting Videos

Grab your cameras! Video content has increased in 2016 and people are demanding high quality videos. Studies have shown that including a video on a landing page increased conversions by more than 80%. The demand is so high that viewing rates have jumped with more than 50% during the past year only.

But people want more than just good cinematography. They want to be told a story. They want to be kept interested and to have a reason to return to your website or social media page. We can easily relate this trend to the TV series challenging cinema as a main source of entertainment during this decade.

Use short, compelling videos as a part of a larger scale cinematographic project that will keep the viewer interested in the story. And use it to show your product. Feel free to consider how-to videos, animations and even cinemagraphs (still images with minor elements moving in them) as alternative or even better – supplementary options.

Besides, every good entrepreneur will tell you that you need to sell the problem you solve and not the product. Videos are incredibly useful for presenting common problems and then showing the solutions that your product can offer. True, there are much cheaper types of visual content available, but doesn’t your client need to know that you’re ready to walk the extra mile for them?



#2 Color Is The New Black

What to keep up with the latest trends? Good. Then color transitions are your thing. You may have noticed that big names like Instagram decided to change their logos and images from a flat color to multi-colored transitions. They can even be found in typography. Go for smooth, but vibrant gradients that please the eye with just the right amount of modern touch.

Another trend that grows in momentum are bold colors. They are prefect for making a statement and help an element on your website really stand out. And they go well with material and flat design. Implement bold colors into your social media visuals in order to make them excel in your clients’ newsfeed.

The proper usage of colors can come in handy with another trend – tiny design. They say that the devil’s in the detail, but that’s where some good can hide as well. Digital content is going through oversaturation so attention spans of readers and viewers are shorter than ever. Playing around with some tiny design might be just the pinch of seasoning you need to apply to your visuals and make them more appealing to convince customers to remain on the page.

#3 Mobile Time

Today, size really does matter. We saw the past two years come and go and leave us with an increased mobile browsing. The app market grows even larger and its designers sharpen their skills even further. Tablets and smartphones are now the first choice when it comes to website browsing – a trend that is here to stay.

So your website needs to focus on creating a responsive web design if it doesn’t have one already. There’s nothing more irritating than visiting a site via smartphone and having to scroll down for miles because the content is not appropriately distributed. Gather up your tools and make your website and social media page design more adaptable.

Also, make sure that every future visual you present holds to the same standards. Mobile design isn't going away.

#4 Bring Me To Life

Why have a stiff visual content when you can move thing around a little bit? Animations are more and more present in web design and visual strategies. It doesn’t matter whether they are gifs, SVG, CSS or the videos we mentioned earlier. Animation is a viral trend and a really catchy method for building an appealing brand identity. Customers prefer interactive forms of communication and are more likely to share them on their owl channels. Bring your visual content to life and put it on the right track.

Also, consider turning to a parallax for even more distinguished and unique design. It can be a multi layered or a video one. Turn your website into a tiny world that your customers can dive into. The longer it keeps them in its depths, the better.

#5 Let Me Take a Peak

Customers want to feel close to the companies that provide them with services. So make sure to involve them in your creative process. Screenshots are perfect for this task. With them, you can provide your audience with a glimpse into the inner workings of your product or service. It lets you switch perspectives and build trust by providing unfiltered intel about your process. Screenshots are also useful for backing up any claims you make public through your channels. You know – eyes to see and ears to hear.

Infographics can also serve this need. We already use them for presenting complex data and statistics in a catchy, understandable way. But why not get creative? Shape them into a tool for familiarizing your business and your clients. Turn your team’s daily routine into an infographic. Pick topics like everyday processes, obstacles, decisions. In other words, take your communication to a new level. A visual level. 

The goal of every content marketing campaign is to stimulate online growth and engagement. Although text is always going to be relevant, visual content grants you quicker access to your customer base. And speed is crucial in times when sharing news takes less than a second. So be quicker on the draw. And prettier on the cover.


How do you use visuals in your marketing? 


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