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5 Effective Business Storytelling Techniques You Need to Try Now

[fa icon="calendar"] 16-May-2017 09:00:00 / by Belle Balace

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This is a guest post by Belle Ballace

Did you know that seventeen films with the word "story" in their titles have won Oscars?

From the movies to your business, storytelling is one of today’s most powerful content marketing tools.

And no wonder. Storytelling provokes emotions and creates a connection between companies and their audience in a way that no simple ad can.

Moreover, it’s not all about the company and showcasing their products or services.

Storytelling shows real life experiences that we all can relate to as individuals, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues etc.

Creating such a connection is what makes brand stories unforgettable and successful because they manage to catch your heart or mind. And if you can't catch people's hearts or minds, they are not going to pay attention to you. 

Crafting a compelling story is an art and with some appropriate techniques it can be mastered. 

5 Effective Business Storytelling Technique You Need to Try Now

1. Create an emotional connection, otherwise you have no story

The perfect example here of a story that had no story was Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad.

Personally, this Pepsi ad didn’t provoke any emotions in me, just confusion. I’m not so sure what the story is either. This is probably why this ad wasn’t so successful and just annoyed a lot of people because you don’t understand right away what this ad is all about or what the message is.

It's good to learn from the bad examples so that we don't repeat them ourselves. 

2. Predict and inspire a movement with your story 

Toms, unlike Pepsi, are on the opposite spectrum that inspires and we should definitely steal ideas from.

When you buy a pair of Toms, you also get the opportunity to help someone in need. Now doesn't this rewarding? It’s not all about their products and making more money. Their story shows and makes us feel that we can partner with Toms to genuinely help and do something good. 

3. Show who you really are

GoPro lives and breathes their identity.

There’s an instant connection when the leader or founder shares the story of his or her company. It makes us feel closer to the people behind the product or service. It’s not all about making more money or encouraging people to support you but it is just what it is… sharing the brand story.

4. Use metaphors so your audience can easily understand

Samsung’s Ostrich is a story that catches your heart and mind in the way it's told. 

If you haven't seen this video, watch it now. It's all about what Samsung believes in and encourages us to believe that in order to achieve the impossible or what we think is impossible we need to actually do the things we think we can’t do. They demonstrated this with the clever use of analogies and metaphors in their story. 

5. Make it infectious to spread it everywhere

As always, the perfect example here is Lego.

Who doesn’t love Lego as a product, brand and a storyteller? Lego brilliantly incorporated their famous building blocks into everything to share with us a powerful and relatable story. With each and every marketing activity, Lego continuously inspires a lot of people – including me – to embrace their inner child, express their creativity and believe in themselves.

There are tons of amazing brand stories out there that you have to discover on your own and take inspiration from. Use the above examples to create your own unforgettable brand story and follow the 5 key business storytelling techniques you need to promote your business as explained in the below infographic by Visme.

5 Effective Business Storytelling Techniques You Need To Use .jpg 

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Belle Balace

Written by Belle Balace

Belle Balace is a Growth Specialist at Visme, a one stop online visual tool where anyone can create engaging presentations, infographics and other visuals content.

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