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The Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

[fa icon="calendar"] 01-Aug-2012 20:52:20 / by Iliyana Stareva

For the past two months at my new job I have heard the questions  “How would social media prove useful for my business?” “Why should my business be on social media at all, what are the advantages?”; “Why should we put that required effort and what would the results be?” like a hundred times. Small as well as large, B2B as well as B2C companies want to know the answers.  

For every one of them it is of course an individual case – what one might benefit, the other might not. There are however some very sound ‘generic’ reasons that any business should carefully consider when making the decision whether to use social media for marketing or not.

To help you what to start with, I want to show you this infographic by Carousel30, which summarizes some of the findings of the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, conducted for the fourth time by Social Media Examiner (one of my absolute favourite social media experts that I eagerly follow and fully recommend).


Did I manage to convince you even a little bit of how beneficial social media could be? Are there any other benefits you would add?  


Source: Carousel30

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Iliyana Stareva

Written by Iliyana Stareva

Having gathered years of agency experience in PR and social media consultancies in Germany and in the UK, Iliyana Stareva is now a Channel Consultant at HubSpot. She spends her free time blogging, helping students with their PR dissertations and career aspirations, and consulting professionals on their social media and sustainability efforts.

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