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Fundamentals of Project Management in Three Infographics

Written by Iliyana Stareva | 22-Aug-2019 08:30:00

We recently covered the different project management approaches, however, I thought it might be helpful to ensure that we have the fundamentals of project management discussed as well. 

As I was thinking about how to best do this, I didn't want to write a heavy 3,000-word piece so I decided to yet again use infographics as they're so easy to consume.

Today, we'll cover: 

  • what is project management
  • the 5 key project management process groups (or phases)
  • and 8 important project management processes 

As you can see, I've become very passionate about project management. Next week, I'm taking the exam with the PMI to become a certified project management professional so you can expect a lot more on the topic over the coming weeks and months. 

Now let's get started. 

What is Project Management [Infographic]

Now that you know the key definitions of project management, let's take a look at the key process groups or phases every project goes through and that you need to manage if you are the project manager. 

The 5 Key Project Management Process Groups [Infographic]

Once becoming knowledgable about each of these 5 key process groups, you are now ready to run a project from start to finish with a framework that promises project success because each of the process groups is crucial so that you don't forget a key area and run out of time, out of budget or completely get off track. 

8 Important Project Management Processes [Infographic]

These processes are especially important during the planning phase. With the PMI framework, the majority of the work done by the project manager is spend planning.

A lot of companies and professionals (and I include myself here as well) get too excited and eager to start execution and so they skip the need to plan in detail. Lack of planning, though, is the main reason why projects go over time and/or over budget.

Planning is the key to project management success so do spend enough time on it.