Book contributions: 

Chapter 27 for #FuturePRoof: Practising inbound PR: how comms teams can practise what they preach 



Voted: 50 PR blogs chosen by graduates

Voted: Top 10 PR blogs in the UK

Recognised as a "PR Superhero"

Recognised as "one of the most driven people that you'll ever meet on the internet"

My career path as a case study on the Plymouth University website

My concept Inbound PR among the areas of change for PR in 2016

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Among the 35 PR pros on Twitter that you should follow


Interviews & Spotlights:

May 2018: Book to blog: Iliyana Stareva's story on

May 2018: Women Crush Wednesday Interview on Siopaella

April 2018: Interview for the launch of the Inbound PR book on the Shaun Tabatt Show

March 2018: Top Tips for PR Pros to Build and Foster Relationships with Journalists in Prowly Magazine

November 2016: 3 in 3 Interview about INBOUND16 with Moby Siddique from Sydney, Australia

November 2016: Key tip with 56 other INBOUND16 speakers in Venngage's infographic on How to Handle Negative Feedback 

November 2016: Key tip with 15 other professionals in Prowly Magazine on How to Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing Efforts

September 2016: What I Read and How I Learn for the INBOUND blog


Press, Coverage and Guest Posts:

November 2017: Technology and PR: What's Changed Over the Years for the Industry in Prowly Magazine

November 2017: The Future of PR is Inbound for futureofPR 

November 2017: Your Inbound Methodology & Tool Stack in Prowly Magazine

August 2017: Outbound vs. Inbound PR: Why We Need a Mindset Change in Prowly Magazine

June 2017:  How Can Brands Earn Trust in the Fake News Era in Prowly Magazine

April 2017: Why (and how) you should be doing Inbound PR by Spitfire Inbound

January 2017:  Traditional PR is broken in ThinkGrowth

November 2016: Iliyana Stareva on Why Inbound PR is the Future of PR by Niswey

June 2014: Spin Sucks: It’s a marathon, not a sprint in Behind the Spin (the leading UK online magazine for PR students and young professionals)

February 2014: Visual content is king in Behind the Spin (the leading UK online magazine for PR students and young professionals)

August 2013: Beyond buzzwords: social media and business sustainability in Behind the Spin (the leading UK online magazine for PR students and young professionals)

November 2012: My dissertation in a picture in Behind the Spin (the leading UK online magazine for PR students and young professionals)




My article for Hop Online:

December 2015: Why Startups Should Ditch Traditional PR and Focus on Inbound PR 


My article for Spin Sucks:

November 2015: How to Build an Inbound PR Campaign


My article for All Things IC:

March 2014: A look at social media for sustainability


My article for Sustainly:

March 2014: How Social Media Communications Can Drive Business Sustainability Value


My articles for Muddywall (online social media magazine):

June 2014: How to become a break through storyteller #Infographic

November 2013: Tips for creating the perfect LinkedIn status update

October 2013: Everything you need to know to get started on LinkedIn #infographic

August 2013: Social Media for Sustainability Communications – Best Practice Guide #Infographic 

February 2013: How to use Google Reader to find content

February 2013: How to choose the right social media networks for your business

February 2013: The link between PR and social media

January 2013: FaceWash App Review – Cleaning up your Facebook profile

January 2013: 8 reasons why you should start creating infographics

January 2013: 60 top social media stats to guide your marketing decisions

January 2013: Key trends in digital marketing to watch out for in 2013

January 2013: 5 essential steps for a popular Facebook page

January 2013: 9 social media mistakes to avoid in 2013

January 2013: Five unforgettable 2012 viral campaigns

December 2012: Why visual social media content is the new black

December 2012: Google+ Communities: what you need to know

December 2012: 5 great ways to make better use of your Facebook page

December 2012: 6 tips to optimise your Pinterest business page

December 2012: How negative social media reviews can also be positive

December 2012: How to create an automated direct message on Twitter

December 2012: What can we learn from these social media PR disasters?

December 2012: What is Pinterest and why should it be part of your marketing efforts

December 2012: Everything you need to know to run a successful Facebook competition

November 2012: How to use Pingraphy to schedule your Pinterest pins

November 2012: How to make use of LinkedIn answers to build your reputations

November 2012: Social media – can you measure it?

November 2012: New research revelas UK businesses are becoming more social

November 2012: Why your business needs a content marketing strategy

November 2012: Is Friday a good day to launch your social media campaign?

November 2012: The benefits of social media for B2B

November 2012: How can social media help your business

November 2012: Why you should consider LinkedIn advertising

November 2012: Social media – where to start

November 2012: Engaging on Twitter – 5 tips to get your brand noticed


My blog posts for Brandzeichen:

January 2014: The Year 2013 on YouTube & Twitter (for the German version click here)

October 2013: BELOONG – even for communications agencies? (for the German version click here)

July 2013: To pin or not to pin, that is the question (written with my colleague Patrik Hülsmann; for the German version click here

May 2013: Buzz word “Native Advertising” What is that supposed to mean? (for the German version click here)


My blog posts for Montpellier Public Relations

January 2013: Get the picture? How to make Pinterest work for your business

January 2013: 25 amazing LinkedIn stats you can’t miss!

January 2013: PR – fit for the future?

December 2012: 2013 Top Social Media Tips from the Montpellier PR Team

December 2012: 2013 Top PR Tips from the Montpellier PR Team

December 2012: UK businesses need to get online or lose out!

November 2012: The PR industry must adapt and model itself for a new social order

November 2012: Is Facebook pulling rank on you?


My blog posts for bluestone360 academy:

July 2012: Social Media? Yes, please!

August 2012: The growing importance of Digital Communication in the UK

October 2012: Did you know?


My blog posts for Social Media Team:

November 2012: Tipps zur optimalen LinkedIn Nutzung (was #3 in the top 10 blog posts ranking for 2012)

September 2011: Dialogorientierte Strategien zum Kundenservice in Social Media

September 2011: Vorteile durch die Nutzung von F-Commerce

August 2011: Social Media Potenziale für Arztpraxen

August 2011: Mobiles Web – eine neue Evolution?

August 2011: Warum Social CRM maßgeblich für Unternehmen ist

August 2011: Die Facebook-Präsenz deutscher Marken

July 2011: Werben oder Nichtwerben in den Printmedien, das ist hier die Frage

July 2011: Die Entwicklung von Google+ in Zahlen und Fakten


July 2011: A guest blog post for bjoerntantau – Zahlen und Fakten ueber den Fortschritt von Google Plus


I even made the papers at the very beginning of my career!